Community Gathering - Open House: Three Steps for Working with Emotions in Difficult Times

with Janice Ragland

October 7th

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    Room: All Rooms

    Join us for our monthly Open House. At 10am, we begin with sitting and walking meditation (those new to meditation can receive instruction from 9:30 – 10:00am). After a brief break, at 11am there is a talk by a senior student with discussion. At 12pm, we gather in the Community Room for refreshments and socializing.

    For October:  Three Steps for Working with Emotions in Challenging Times

    Do you ever feel that you are being attacked by your own emotions, e.g. the ever-popular anger or the other favorite, anxiety? If so, you are not alone.  Most of us react by either expressing these emotions aggressively, or by repressing them, so as not to cause trouble.  As you have probably experienced, neither strategy is helpful or effective, and we often end up exacerbating the problem, either severing relationships or experiencing panic attacks.  In this Open House discussion we will examine a mindful approach in which the intelligence of our emotions is honored and we are able to learn more about ourselves and others through using it skillfully.