Community Gathering - Open House: Buddhadharma 101: The Four Seals as Buddhist View

with Elizabeth Peterson

January 6th

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    Room: All Rooms

    Join us for our monthly Open House. At 10am, we begin with sitting and walking meditation (those new to meditation can receive instruction from 9:30 – 10:00am). After a brief break, at 11am there is a talk by a senior student with discussion. At 12pm, we gather in the Community Room for refreshments and socializing.

    For January:  Buddhadharma 101 - The Four Seals as Buddhist View

    The Four Seals - impermanence, suffering, egolessness, and peace, are four tenets that all Buddhist schools share.  The journey of being motivated and guided by them is central to the Buddhist path.  Together we will explore how meditation can lead to direct experience of these tenets in our daily lives, thereby enabling us to tap into the inherent wisdom of the Buddhist tradition, understand why we suffer and how we might wake ourselves up.