As you become more involved, membership offers a way to practice generosity. It is a gesture of support to Shambhala and/or Buddhist principles and practices. This is expressed in the following four areas:

1. The Practice of Community/Society: Shambhala is a community that practices the teachings on basic goodness, and explores and develops a culture within our communities that embodies that profound principle. When you become a member, you are actively contemplating and building a different kind of society altogether; one rooted in the principal that humanity, society, and ultimately all sentient beings have the nature of basic goodness, and through fearlessness and gentleness, this nature can radiate out to all aspects of daily life.

2. Meditation Practice: As a member, you are making a connection to mindfulness-awareness practice, and working to integrate that practice into your daily life.  You commit to practice in order to create a foundation for healthy social relationships and an enlightened society. This connection may also be made through contemplative practices based on wisdom traditions other than Shambhala or Buddhism.

3. Volunteer Service: A majority of Shambhala activities are conducted by volunteers, and there are many ways to help. With a foundation of the above practices, you donate time to the local center based on your interests, needs of the Center, and personal availability.

4. Financial Support: Shambhala is sustained through dues and donations. When you become a member, your financial contributions support the maintenance and growth of our center as well as the international Shambhala community.

If you would like to be contacted about exploring membership, please write to [email protected].