3rd Annual Martin Luther King weekend celebration: The Stories We Tell - Uncovering Basic Goodness is Social Justice

with Laura Simms

January 13th—January 14th

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Room: All Rooms

Please join us for this special event, celebrating the Third Annual Martin Luther King weekend observation. 

It is time to turn on the moon.
It is time to see by a different light
  - Nancy Willard, poet

Combining Mindfulness - Awareness practices, storytelling, and Dharma Art to reveal, acknowledge and transform stories that subversively guide our lives and obstruct the energy of compassion and awakened conversation.

LAURA SIMMS is an internationally acclaimed storyteller, story coach, writer and humanitarian working to promote engaged storytelling as nonviolent social justice. She combines personal stories with the great fairytales and myths of many cultures.  Her long 45-year career, that includes working with prestigious organizations such as Norwegian People’s Aid, UNICEF, Mercy Corps, and The Red Cross, has brought her to Universities, festivals, conferences and schools worldwide. She has been a senior teacher of Shambhala and Buddhist Studies, and is a certified Dharma Art Instructor trained in Council, The Constellation Mediation Process. She is on the Steering Committee of the Global Education Council (ngo) at the United Nations.

Storytelling, in content, as well as a process of engagement akin to accessing basic goodness on the spot, penetrates to the root causes of injustice and is a potent preparation for awakened conversation and personal and community transformation.

Generosity Policy:  Our intent is to share the teachings with all who are interested in participating, regardless of financial circumstances. If the Sustaining Fee is an obstacle for you, please see our Generosity Policy.