Meet Pioneer Valley Shambhala

Welcome to Pioneer Valley Shambhala

Shambhala takes its name from a legendary society that was based on human goodness. Our communities around the world include people from all walks of life, who are interested in meditation, contemplative expression, and transformation toward just and sustainable society. Pioneer Valley Shambhala serves the Western Massachusetts region from our center in downtown Northampton.

Shambhala Centers are dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere, free of prejudice, and to develop an inclusive and enlightened society with facilities fully accessible to all persons. Although some of our programs and events are open only to those who have fulfilled certain prerequisites, everyone is welcome at our Center regardless of religion, spiritual tradition or teachers, path of practice, opinions, class, nationality, culture, ethnicity, race, language, age, gender, sexual orientation, or physical, perceptual or mental abilities. Our Center is committed to creating a practice, study, and community environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.

New to Shambhala?

butterflyYou are welcome to attend one or all of our programs for new meditators: Open House, introductory classes, and weekend retreats. Check our Calendar and Programs page for details. You don’t need any prior knowledge of Buddhism or meditation ability to attend. Why meditate? Through meditation, you can begin to discover your mind’s natural stability and strength, and develop mindfulness. When you tap into this stability, your experience of life may become more vivid and clear. You may find you are less reactive and able to respond to situations without falling into negative patterns. Sitting quietly and working with your mind regularly is one of the most radical and practical ways you can spend your time. We welcome you to discover the benefits of a contemplative life for yourself, in the company of others on the path.

The Shambhala Path

community3The path includes a series of classes and retreats to develop, stabilize, and strengthen our mindfulness and loving kindness. Based on traditional Shambhala Buddhist principles, we engage in learning community to bring gentleness, fearlessness, and bravery to daily modern life. The Shambhala path has been carefully designed so that we can take weeknight classes and weekend retreats while tending to family, job, and service. Read on »

Contact Us
Pioneer Valley Shambhala Center 191 Main Street, Northampton, MA 01060 413.585.9848