May Auction Item: White stoneware pot w.  bamboo handle.

to benefit Pioneer Valley Shambhala Center Building Fund

Handmade by local artist and Shambhalian Paula Veleta – Can be used for ikebana.

Size 10” x 6”w x 5”d

Minimum bid: $45

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Interested to donate an auction item? We are happy to receive ongoing donations!
The type of items we are looking for include:

–  artwork, calligraphies, pottery, rupas, thangkas

–  dharma paraphernalia, including book sets (e.g, the collected works of Trungpa Rinpoche), practice materials, meditation tables, caligraphies
–  services you would be willing to donate, e.g., massage, yoga classes and individual lessons, catering, tax consultation, etc.
– tickets to sporting events or concerts

If you have any item or service you are interested in donating, please contact a member of the Capital Campaign — Audrey Hall, Alison Garvey, Randy Kaplan or Bill Butcher. We meet monthly to plan the auction and other campaign plans. If the item seems like a good fit for auction, we’d ask what you feel the market value and/or minimum bid should be and we request a photo(s) for the website.  Donators hold onto their item until a winner is announced. We then help coordinate the transfer of the item as needed.