Fall Book Group: "How We Live is How We Die" by Ani Pema Chodron

with Janice Ragland & Mariah Freemole

September 27th—November 1st

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  • $150 Enriching
  • $120 Sustaining
  • Pay what you can afford
Room: Main Shrineroom

In this book, Ani Pema brings us teachings to navigate the bardo, an "in-between", or transitional, state.  Chodron writes, "The journey that takes place after our death is one such transition, but when we examine our experience closely, we will find that we are always in transition."  Ani Pema shares wisdom on how to examine these transitions in our lives and, by doing so, become more comfortable with change, more courageous and more open to living a full-hearted life.

Participants will need to purchase the book for this discussion group. You can purchase it at one of many local bookstores, here on Indiebound, or whever you prefer to purchase your books.


This class is will be hybrid for those needing this option. Please write to [email protected] 
to request a zoom link

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