Snow Lion Winter Meditation Retreat

with Gaylon Ferguson & Acharya Arawana Hayashi

December 27th—January 2nd

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  • $249.00 Enriching
  • $199.00 Sustaining
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Room: Outside venue; see description

Join SkyLake in an annual week-long meditation intensive.  This program is open to all, both beginning and experienced meditators.  The event has a "pay what you can afford" policy.  Registrations from Pioneer Valley will be for Zoom sessions.

Snow lions delight in crisp mountain air.  They frolic and play in an atmosphere of basic splendidness, enjoying freshness on the spot.  Synchronizing body and mind, they radiate an unconditionl healthiness that includes illness and health, life and death.  Please join us for an end-of-the-year / beginning-of-the-year retreat practice of Shambhala meditation, the felt personal experience of basic goodness and enlightened society.

In addition to daily meditation practice, participants listen to talks, have conversations about their practice, and can have individual meetings with meditation teachers.  Some days will be in silence.

About the Teachers

Acharya Arawana Hayashi's pioneering work as a choreographer, performer and educator is deeply sourced in collaborative improvisation.  She currently heads the creation of Social Presencing Theater (SPT) for the Presencing Institute.  Working with Otto Scharmer and colleagues at the Presencing Institute, she brings her background in the arts, meditation and social justice to creating "social presencing" that makes visible both current reality and emerging future possibilities.

Her dance career ranges from directing an interracial street dance company formed by the Boston mayor's Office for Cultural Affairs in the aftermath of the 1968 murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to being one of the foremost performers of Japanese Court Dance, bugaku, in the US.  She has been Co-Director of the Dance Program at Naropa University, Boulder, CO, and founder-director of two contemporary dance companies in Cambridge MA.  She continues to perform in a multi-disciplinary performance ensemble, originating out of Naropa University and the ALIA Institute, where she currently teaches in leadership programs.

Arawana is an acharya (senior teacher) in Shambhala - a global network of meditation centers dedicated to applying mindfulness to "creating enlightened society."  She teaches both meditation and art based on bringing out the basic goodness of individuals, of realationships and of society.

Acharya Gaylon Ferguson

Soon after reading Meditation in Action Acharya Ferguson heard the Vidyadhara (Chogyam Trungpa) teach several summer seminars in Vermont.  In 1973 he joined Tail of the Tiger Buddhist Community (now Karme Choling) where he worked in the garden, set the tractor on fire and took people into retreat.  Acharya Ferguson attended the 1975 Vajradhatu Seminary and taught briefly at The Naropa Institute.  He returned to Karme Choling in 1979 as a staff member in the Practice and Study Department, and then as Executive Co-Director.  For the Spring Semester of 2006, Acharya Ferguson was Visiting Professor in Religious Studies at Naropa University.  His article, "Making Friends with Ourselves" from Dharma, Color and Culture was selected for inclusion in The Best Buddhist Writing: 2005. He is the author of Natural Wakefulness: Discovering the Wisdom We Are Born With, and Natural Bravery: Fear and Fearlessness as a Direct Path of Awakening.  In 2006 he joined the core faculty in Interdisciplinary Studies at Naropa.  Acharya Fetguson has a BA in African Studies from Yale and a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Stanford.  He currently resides in Boulder, CO.