Community Gathering / Open House: Getting Unstuck

with Mark Seibold

June 6th

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    Room: Outside venue; see description

    Sunday Open House

    Join us for our monthly Open House. At 10am, we begin with sitting and walking meditation. After a brief break, at 11am, there will be a talk by a senior student with discussion.
    You can find the Zoom link to Sunday Open House on our Home page, for the online connection to this event.

    Sunday, June 6 at 10am:

    How do get unstuck? Most of us spend most of our time replaying the past and fretting about the future. As a result we are never really here for the present. To ease our anxiety we try all sorts of remedies: money, relationships, status, drugs, alcohol, fame. These afford momentary relief, but tomorrow we once again feel stuck. How do we free ourselves from our angst and suffering?

    When we see and understand how we have become stuck in our confusion and suffering, it is simple to understand. At the base of our confusion is a lack of clarity about how things really are—the true nature of our mind and the world around us. Like a thirsty person lost in the desert we race towards the mirage on the horizon thinking it’s water only to be disappointed when all we find is more sand. We are confused. We need to look more closely at how we mis-take the mirage of appearances as real.

    The Buddhist traditions teach that when we recognize our confusion, by that recognition or awareness alone we will have the means to liberate ourselves from it. Please join us for an exploration of how we can recognize our confusion and how that awareness can get unstuck from it.


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    This event is free and open to all!