Reflections on Silver River: Part 3 (half Day retreat)

with Mark Seibold, Elizabeth Peterson, Joe Arak

February 29th

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  • $50 Enriching
  • $30 Sustaining
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Room: Main Shrineroom

We resume our study of Tokmey Zangpo’s famous Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva through the lens of Ken McLeod’s penetrating commentary, Reflections On Silver River, with a half-day retreat, Saturday, February 29, 12:30-6 PM.

Within the Tibetan tradition the Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva is famous for its pithy reflections on how to engage the bodhisattva path. Composed by Tokmey Zangpo for his own contemplation and practice when he was faced with a long, debilitating illness, it has become a mainstay of the Tibetan gradual path (lam rim) tradition.

As with our first and second series of meetings to study and discuss Tokmey Zangpo’s text, the intent of this retreat and the subsequent weekly meetings is to allow us to come together to use our study of the 37 Practices as a tool for examining our own lives and conduct: that is, as a vehicle for working with obstacles with an open heart.

Prerequisites: None, but an open inquisitive mind and a regular sitting practice is strongly recomended.

Cost for the retreat:  $30-$50 suggested.  Generosity policy applies.  Please register on our website for the Saturday retreat day.

Cost for weekly meetings: No fixed fee but a donation of $5-$10 is requested.