Ordinary Kindness: A public talk

with Acharya Fleet Maull

June 1st (2018)

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  • $15 Sustaining
Room: Outside venue; see description

Ordinary kindness has the power to soften hearts and forge connections. Kindness also enables us to transcend the dichotomy of friend and foe and genuinely connect with ourselves and others. By acting as social lubricant, kindness supports us in working through the most difficult challenges we face as individuals, partners, families, communities and society. The expression of bravery and the avenue to wisdom, kindness is the ground of relationships; it is the very fabric of a healthy human society. When we connect with our innate kindness and humanity, life becomes not only workable and sustainable, but delightful.
In this talk, Acharya Maull, a senior teacher in the Shambhala community, will lead an exploration of the power of ordinary kindness as a means to connect genuinely with ourselves and others. 

Registration for the Friday evening public talk is through the Pioneer Valley Shambhala Center. 
PLEASE NOTE: The Location for the public talk will be the Windhorse Hill Retreat Center at 595B River Road, S. Deerfield, MA. 
The Friday evening talk is open to the general public.

Suggested Offering: $15