Shambhala Wednesday Night

December 26th

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    Room: Main Shrineroom

    Join us every Wednesday for our new weeknight Open House.  Starts promptly at 7:00 with 20 minutes of sitting meditation followed by a short talk on a timely topic and lively discussion, refreshments and socializing.

    Whether you’re a long-time meditator or wanting to explore mindfulness practice for the first time, you’ll find friendly people and interesting topics to discuss and contemplate.

    12/12 - Fleet Maull - Mindful Holidays: Enjoying the Season with Mindfulness, Joy and Equanimity
    12/19 - Andrea Darby - Welcoming the Season of Darkness
    12/26 - 
    1/2/19 - First Wednesday Meditation Workshop
    1/9 - Fleet Maull - Moving Beyond Blame: Embracing Personal and Shared Responsibility for our own Lives and the                                           Society we Create Together
    1/16 - Joe Arak - Why We Prefer the Security of Misery to the Misery of Insecurity