Essential Heart of Kasungship-1

with Ben Williams

April 25th—May 23rd (2017)

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  • $30.00 Sustaining
Room: Main Shrineroom
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Members only class. 

In this 5-week course, we will explore the basic practices of the Dorje Kasung, a service organization within the Shambhala community charged with maintaining a container of wakefulness in which the teaching and practice of meditation can occur. The creation and protection of this type of container occur through cultivating an attitude of fundamental non-aggression and compassionate action that brings oneself and others back onto the path of wakefulness. 

The curriculum uses the writings of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and others to explore what it means to be a Dorje Kasung; the path of leadership, protection, compassionate speech; and the view of how to be kind on the spot. Special attention is focused on study of the Kasung Handbook and the Eight Slogans of the Dorje Kasung. 

This program may be taken by the curious without any commitment to become a Kasung. For members of the Dorje Kasung, it is an excellent study on the ground, path, and fruition of Kasung practice. There will be an opportunity to make a formal one-year commitment to Dorje Kasung practice for those interested.

The program is open to Shambhala Center members. If you are interested in the class but not a member, please contact Ben Williams at [email protected]