Expanding Shambhala Vision in Western Massachusetts: PVSC’s Building Fund

sunOur Goal for the Building Fund

Between now and early 2019, we aspire to raise around $200,000 as a building fund for a down payment and renovations on a property that our community will own.

What is Our Vision?

We aspire to purchase our own location with a design that allows for flexibility and with room for an expanded vision of activity and service to members and the wider community. We are inviting broad participation in our fundraising campaign.

What about our current space?

Our current space is beautiful but insufficient to meet our current and projected needs — it is too small, access is difficult, and we find it difficult to host more than one program at a time. The lease costs are also escalating faster than we will be able to afford in a few years.

Your Support is Warmly Invited!

You can assist with helping Shambhala expand in this area by supporting the project financially. Click here to go to our donation page. If you have questions about the building fund campaign, or suggestions for improving our fundraising outreach, please contact our director, Michael Stephens at director.pvsc@gmail.com